Professional Waterproofing Solutions
for Bathroom, Balconies and Wet Areas

Licensed & Accredited Waterproofing Team

Expert Tilers

10-Year Waterproofing Warranty

When we waterproof your surfaces they are sealed for good!

Waterproofing Experts – Gripset Accreditation

As accredited internal and external waterproofing specialists, you can rely on us for the most advanced waterproofing solutions available. We are passionate about tiling and to attest to our superior service, every tiler in our team is a certified waterproofer, having undertaken extensive professional training with Gripset, the industry leader in waterproofing systems.

10-Year Waterproofing Warranty

When you choose the skilled and certified professionals at Dilush Tile & Stone, you have peace of mind of knowing that the manufacturer fully backs our 10-year waterproofing warranty.

Australian Standard 3740 Compliant

To ensure the longevity and durability of your waterproofing and tiling, our team work to strict quality standards that meet or exceed the AS 3740. Your job is never assigned to a subcontractor or apprentice, so you know you’ll get quality waterproofing that you can trust.

The Importance Of Waterproofing

Waterproofing is one of the most important factors when building a balcony or renovating a bathroom. Using a professional waterproofer will ensure that you protect your investment and guarantee a long-lasting and trouble-free bathroom renovation.

Structural Integrity

Bathrooms and balconies are common areas where structural damage can occur due to the high moisture levels (and high humidity and limited ventilation in bathrooms). Without adequate waterproofing, moisture can seep into your floors and walls and cause various structural issues, including rising damp, warping, rotting or water ingress, which can compromise your electrics and corrode your plumbing.

Low Maintenance & Trouble Free

The correct preparation and waterproofing of your floors and walls can save you time, money and stress. With our professional tiling and waterproofing team on the job, we guarantee your bathroom or balcony tiling will be trouble-free for at least ten years.

Advanced Waterproofing Systems

The team at Dilush Tile and Stone like to stay up to date with all the latest products and technologies in the industry so we can bring you the best and most advanced waterproofing and tiling systems on the market. 

FAQ Waterproofing

Do all bathrooms need waterproofing?

All bathrooms need waterproofing. The extent of waterproof needed in a bathroom will vary depending on the set out of the room. 

What waterproofing system do you use?

We use Gripset waterproofing systems as we believe they are one of the best systems on the market. Gripset utilises both sheet and paint-on membranes for the ultimate seal and protection.

How many coats of waterproofing do you apply?

We always apply a minimum of two coats of waterproofing membrane to ensure optimum protection.

How do I know if I have a waterproofing issue?

You are likely to have a waterproofing issue if your tiles are loose, swelling or cracking or if you are experiencing blistering in the paintwork, mould or mildew.

What causes waterproofing to fail?

Waterproofing failure is primarily caused by poor workmanship, so it is critical to engage a certified and accredited waterproofer for the ultimate peace of mind protection.